Experience the magic of Studio Ghibli filmmaking journey. From the replica of Hayao Miyazaki's worktable to the enchanting charm of Princess Mononoke forest, be prepared to enter the realm of Studio Ghibli like you have never seen before.

An engaging sense of realism in the fantastic World of Ghibli presented in an unprecedented way. From illustrations revealing fascinating insights into film’s production process, to life-sized Totoro, a moving castle, and a real life flying airship that will spirit you away to the magical world of Ghibli.

Studio Ghibli has been around since 1985. With 22 features and dozens of short films, TV series, and commercials, various awards at international film festivals, and fans all over the world, Studio Ghibli has become one of the most successful animation film studio with recognitions beyond measure and a source of inspiration to many. Studio Ghibli's works are best known for their unique depiction of human relationships, otherworldly creatures and world-buildings that capture the hearts of adults and children.

This exhibition will take you deeper into the story of how Studio Ghibli delivered their magnificent universe. Like other great works, making films at Studio Ghibli takes a lot of time and process. Not only because the stories have to be great, but also because the majority of Studio Ghibli's films are beautifully drawn and painted by hand. We will guide you through every single frame and hard work behind Studio Ghibli’s films in such great details. From sketches into animation, and from animation into reality. A truly rare treat to fans of Studio Ghibli and to those who are not afraid to learn & imagine.

In the exhibition, you will see:

  • The complete history of Studio Ghibli
  • Original sketches and illustrations from Studio Ghibli’s great directors and its animators
  • A replica of Miyazaki's animation room and desk
  • Studio Ghibli’s original film posters and stills that spanned over 30 years of animation
  • Scene installations of Studio Ghibli’s well-known characters and architectures
  • And plentiful to come!
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